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Choosing appropriate domain name.

We wrote some advices that can help you in finding your perfect domain name.


1. Don't forget, that domain is very important part of the page. Domain is what users will be typing in browsers to open your page, so the first advice is: The name of the page should be appropriate to the content of the page. For example, the page named, shoudn't contain information only about cakes!

2. A good domain name, is a domain name that's easy to remember when remembering page content. Good examples are -,,, etc. Domain names like,, require some serious marketing to achieve something.

3. Name of a brand? Not such a bad idea, when people started recognizing your brand, but if you are new on a market? The chances of finding your website may become lower, because of bigger and recognizible brands, people often just will miss it in search results (not many of us go to second google page you know).

4. Long domain name or a short one? Shore one usually is better (easier to remember, faster to type in), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use longer ones. Just remember , if it sounds good - it will be easier to remember.

5. Domain zone also means a lot, trying to get noticable in a country? Use something like - .lv - for Latvia, .lt - for Lithuania, - for United kingdom etc. Want to take over the world? - Domain zones like .com, .net., biz will be your helpers. (You can even use it for your advantages, website about beards -,  silence is you friend? - and so on!)

6. And the the most important - saw a domain of your dreams? Register it ASAP, because maybe someone on the other of the world is registering it right now.

7. What you shouldn't do:

Try not to use numbers or symbols like "-", they are harder to memorize, and user can easily make a mistake while writing and go to, and that can be anothers person website.

Try not to register names similar to or,, you never know will they like it or not and going too court for a domain name? Well, it surely can be just too expensive.

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