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How can I contact tehnical support?

There are several ways to contact tehnical support:


1.You can send a request using ticket system (or by sending a direct letter to

2. You can call us by using this numbers: +371 28313311; +371 67881511;

3. You can contact us through Skype - support.garmtech


These hints will get your problem solved as fast as it is possible:

  • Use appropriate language.
  • Try to be specific about your problem (For example: "I can't send mail to Х from mail account Y, instead i receive error text:..." Not: "Email isn't working!!!!!").
  • Writing a lot of text doesn't mean being specific!
  • Try to describe the problem, not the reasons why it happened.
  • It's better to describe the problem in chronological order (when did you noticed, how often it happens, is it the first time).
  • Don't forget to write about the solution you are trying to achieve (for example: "It should work like that", вместо: "I need to make changes here; Thank you for changing, but i don't think that's the thing, let's change it somehow,somewhere else?").
  • When you are writing back - try to quote conversation (letters) between you and support.
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