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.LV Domain Name Server management

As soon as you will begin using our Name Servers and Web Hosting Management Panel, you won't have to worry about your homepage ever again!

1. Connect to your domain management system at

2. Click on "Domains"

3. Choose the domain that needs new NS and click the wrench, after that press NS button.

Important! If you are using any other network records(A, MX, CNAME etc.), that aren't provided by Garm Technologies(for example Gmail network records), don't forget to duplicate this records in our Web Hosting Management Panel. After approximately 2 hours entries will start working from our servers and after that you can get back to to finish NS management!

4. Add Name Servers (fiels  Hostname:, let the fields IP and IPv6 be empty, save changes.

5. Add two more Name Servers and, as shown

Choose files or drag and drop files
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