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Which hosting plan do I need?

Currently we provide four hosting plans (Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta). Each one includes unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail count with possibility to adjust SPAM protection & Auto-Reply function, Webalizer & AWStats, Parallels Plesk Control Panel, supports PHP, Perl, Python and ruby on Rails, gives opportunity to access FTP and make everyday BackUps.
Beta, Gamma & Delta hosting plans also include:

-Unlimited Subdomains.

-Unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases.

- Offline BackUps;

- Special Offer, pay for a year and get a free domain registration in any of this domain zones - .lv, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .us, .info or .ws !

Gamma & Delta provide even more possibilities!

-Tomcat 5 Support,

-SSH & SFTP Access,

-Active Cronjob and create your own schedule,

-More than 200 GB of SSD space available

But if you want to make a small website, which doesn't require Databases and will be more of visitcard - Alpha hosting is the choice you should make.Need to create a bigger website and constantly add information, maybe news, online shopping or any other somehow similar page which require a lot of updates or need to be installed using CMS (Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla!)? The Beta hosting plan is a choise you won't regret! Also you will be able to add 5 domains (aliases)
Serious development is on the way and you need to get all the possibilities you can? (SSH access and Tomcat5 support), or maybe you want not only to develop pages, but also run them on your hosting? Hosting plans Gamma & Alpha are the solution you were looking for, you can create up to 20 domains (aliases) and get all the space you can possibly require - 200 GB.
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